Jeff H. Farmer, Jr.

Jeff Farmer, the President of Spectra Properties

Jeff Farmer is the President of the firm and brings 31 years of construction, development and financing background to bear on his position of guiding the men and women of Spectra Properties. Jeff received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Upon joining his family-owned construction company in the 70’s, he built the yearly revenue from $500,000.00 to over $18,000,000.00.

As a noted developer, he has been a consultant to agencies of the federal government and various states. When forward thinking financing techniques were required, as a consultant Jeff developed a tax exempt bond program for the State of Illinois and secured necessary ratings approval from Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, GEMIC, FIGIC, to procure financing for multi-purpose projects.

Joining Poag and McEwen in 1991, POMAC was formed with Jeff as the managing partner overseeing development, leasing and construction of approximately 1.4 million square feet of retail space. Jeff serves as President of  Spectra Properties Inc. and is currently developing a new portfolio of senior living facilities consisting of independent living, assisted living and memory care units.

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